Daya Swarup Memorial Lecture


Sl. No Year Lecturer Title
1 1989 Dr. A. K. Mallik Academia, Industry and Society
2 1990 Prof. T. R. Anantharaman The Trinities - Material and Spiritual
3 1991 Dr. P. K. Jena Development and Conservation of Mineral Resources
4 1992 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Metallurgy at Crossroads some Engineering Problems
5 1993 Dr. E. G. Ramachandran [Extempore]
6 1994 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Growth of Metallurgical and Materials Science and Engineering Education
7 1995 Dr.Dharmendra Kumar Pollution & Metallurgical Industries
8 1996 Dr. Somnath Mishra Some New Dimensions in Engineering Education
9 1997 Dr. T. Ramchandran ITI s to IIT s - Technical Training in India - a stock taking
10 1998 Dr. P. Ramachandra Rao Industrialization & the Environment
11 1999 Prof. K. A. Padmanabhan Basic Research versus Applied Research
12 2000 Prof P Krishna Rao ElectroslagRemelting
13 2001 Prof H S Ray In Search for an Indian Utopia for Scientists And Technologists
14 2002 Prof U K Chatterjee Corrosion Prevention: A technological Challenge
15 2003 Prof R H Tupkary Problems and Prospects of HR-Developments in Metallurgical Engineering
16 2004 Prof P J RoyChowdhury Changing Priorities in Engineering & Technical Education in India
17 2005 Prof D R G Achar Welding Science and Technology – Current Trends and Future Needs – Indian Industrial Scenario
18 2006 Dr Amit Chatterjee [Extempore]
19 2007 Prof S Ranganathan [Extempore]
20 2008 Prof G S Upadhyaya Powder Metallurgy Processing, Structure and Properties of Metallic Systems: Identifying the Synergy
21 2009 Prof Bhanu Prakash [Lecture Cancelled owing to illness]
22 2010 Prof A K Lahiri Evolution of Metallurgy Education and Research in India
23 2011 Prof SrikantLele Computational Phase Diagrams
24 2012 Prof K BhanuSankara Rao Mysteries of fatigue in the sub-creep temperature regime of high temperature materials
25 2013 Dr.S.N. Ojha Emerging Trends in Materials Processing
26 2014 Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee Outcomes of:Teaching and Research
27 2015 Prof P K Sen Metals, Materialsand Sustainability: an outlook for the future