Extension in deadlines for submission of NMD & IIM Awards Applications till 31st July 2019. Apart from IIM Honorary Membership & Fellowship 2019, receipt of nominations which have been closed on 15th June 2019. Candidates may initiate the requisite process at the earliest. An individual can apply for only one award best suited to his/her candidature.

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Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Important Announcement For Part - II AMIIM Pass Candidates from June 2006 onwards

For Part - II AMIIM Pass Candidates from June 2006 (since Letter Grading System has been adopted) onwards

On recommendation of the Examinations & Education Committee, the Council at its meeting held on 25th July, 2008, in the matter of "Conversion of GPA to Percentage of Marks in AMIIM Examinations", decided :

That the successful candidates desirous of having their aggregate percentage of marks may also be provided with a separate certificate on making a written application with payment of additional fees of Rs.100/- (Rupees One hundred only).

The basis for calculating the total aggregate percentage of marks shall be as under :

"Summation of maximum marks corresponding to the range of respective letter grades as obtained by the candidate for each of the subjects and dividing by the number of subjects".

Sd/- Prof S K Roy
Controller of Examinations

25th July, 2008.