International Collaboration



The is collaborative programme between the Indian Institute of Metals and American Society of Metals (ASM) International. Under this programme, about 4-5 members chosen as ASM - IIM Lecturers visit India every year and deliver lectures on topics of their expertise at mectings organised by Chapters of IIM. The co-ordinators of this programme from 1987 are given hereunder:

Year Co-ordinator Address
1987-1990 Prof P Rama Rao Director,Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
1990-1993 Dr R Krishnan Director,Gas Turbine Research Establishement, Bangalore
1993-1996 Dr P Rodriguez Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
1996- Prof S Ranganathan Chairman, Mech.SciencesDivn Dept. of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.

Following is a list of different lecturers visited India so far under this programme:

Year Name Organisation
1980 Dr V A Tipnis
Mr Anil Hingwe
Mr S A David
Dr George Kingsbury Dr R G Bhat
Tipnis Associates, USA
Moloy Mfg Co, USA
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Gould Inc, USA
1981 Dr D Aichbhaumick
Mr S P Bhat
Dr J Mazumdar
Mr Ravi Rungta
National Steel Corpn, USA
Inland Steel Corpn, USA
Uni. Of Illionois, USA
1982 Dr S K Banerji
Mr V K Chandok
Dr M C Chaturvedi
Mr M H Kamdar
Foot Mineral Co, USA
Colt Industries, USA
Uni. Of Manitoba, USA
Bent Weapons, USA
1983 Mr C Ravindran
Dr S Bhattacharya
Mr JA Carpenter (Jr)
Dr M Sahoo
Manitoba Steel Rolling Mills, USA
IIT Research Inst. USA
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Energy, Mines & Resources, Canada
1984 Dr Srinivasan Shanker
Dr S A David
Prof K Tangri
Mr Srinivasan Rajagopal
Turbine Component Corpn, USA
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Met Sciences Lab, USA
IIT Research Ins. USA
1985 Dr C Ravidran
Dr A N Patel
Dr T J Gray
Dr T A Bhat
Dr S K Banerji
Manitoba Steel Rolling Mills, USA
Battelle Colombus Lab, USA
Wrought Prods Quality Engg Co, USA
Foot Mineral Co, USA
1986 Dr Nikhil Sarkar
Dr Ramulu
Dr A M Garde
Dr N Bandopadhyay
Dr Shafique Ahmed
LSU School of Dentistry, USA
Uni of Washington, USA
Combustion EnggInc, USA
BOC Group Inc, USA
Youngstown Uni. USA
1987 Dr K Lingmurthy
Dr Brian Ives
Mr Vinod K Sikka
Dr Ramana G Reddy
Dr T S Sudharsan
North Carolina State Uni. USA
McMaster Uni. Canada
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Dept of Chem& Met Engg, USA
Materials Modification Inc, USA
1988 Dr S R Pati
Dr T S Srinivasan
Dr R Ramesh
Prof K Rajan
Dr P K Mehrotra
Combustion Engg, USA
Uni of Akron, USA
Uni of California, USA
Rensseleaar Polytechnic Inst,USA
Philips McKenna Lab, USA
1989 Dr Rajeshwar K Gupta
Dr A M Garde
Dr Kaplesh Kumar
Mr Krishna Vedula
Uni of Michigan, USA
Combustion Engg, USA
Charles Stark Draper Lab, USA
1990 Dr K K Chawla
Dr K Upadhyaya
Dr S C Singhal
Dr M N Sinha
Dr P B Narayan
New Mexico Tech, USA
GE Medical Systems, USA
Westinhouse Science & Tech, USA
Manitoba Dept of Labour, USA
Storage Tech Corp, USA
1991 Prof S Ankem
Dr R B Bhagat
Dr A S Brar
Dr A K Chakrabarti
Dr S R Vatcha
Uni of Maryland, USA
State College, USA
Seagate Tech Inc, USA
Aluminium Co of America, USA
Decision Resources Inc, USA
1992 Dr R S Bhattacharya
Dr T K Chaki
Dr Rajendra Mishra
Prof C Suryanarayana
New York State Uni, USA
Colorado School of Mines, USA
Uni of Idaho, USA A
1993 Dr Sailesh Merchant
Dr PurushSahoo
Dr DebabrataSaha
Prof P Neelakanta
Prof Rajendra Singh
AT & T Bell Labs, USA
Sermalech Int. Inc, USA
Airp Products &Chem, USA
Florida Atlantic Uni, USA
Clemson Uni, USA
1994 Dr Mahi Sahoo Casmet, Canada
1995 Dr Animesh Bose
Dr Anita Garg
Prof P K Mallick
Dr Gopal Nadkarni
Dr P R Subramanian
Parmatech Corp, USA
Uni of Michigan, USA
Uni of Brunswick, USA
1996 Dr Seetharam C Deevi
Dr Hersh K Manaktala
Dr Prakash C Patnaik
Dr Horace Pops
Dr K S Ramesh
Oakridge National Uni, USA
Southwest Research Inst, USA
Hawken Siddley, Canada
Metals Lab, Inc, USA
Northwest National Lab, USA
1997 Dr Suresh S Babu
Dr Alok K Gupta
Mr Williams L Mankins
Mr K Linga Murthy
Mr C Subramanian
Oakridge National Lab, USA
Alcan Intrnl, Canada
Inco Alloys IntrnlInc, USA
North Carolina State Uni. USA
Uni of South Australia