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Membership Dues


MEMBERSHIP DUES ( Accounting Year 1st April to 31st March) :

  • The annual subscription for Membership shall be Rs. 1000/-.
  • Members shall pay an admission fee of Rs. 300/-.
  • Associate Members shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 800/- and admission fee of Rs. 250/-.
  • Student Members including College Students studying metallurgy shall each pay an annual subscription of Rs. 500/- and an admission fee of Rs. 75/-.

Note : Student member other than College students studying metallurgy are required to pay registration fee (Rs. 500/-) and 5 (five) years subscription in advance at the time of enrolment, besides the admission fee of Rs 75/-, please add Rs. 50/- for courier Charge, viz total Rs 3125/-. If any candidate does not appear at the AMIIM Examination within the specified period of 18 (eighteen) months, not only he/she will loose his / her candidature but also the advance subscription paid by him / her.

  • Sustaining Members shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 15,000/- provided that the Sustaining Members falling in the Small Scale Sector pay an annual subscription of Rs. 10000/-.
  • A candidate is eligible to become Life Fellow on paying Rs 10000/- as subscription fee (subject to fulfillment of other criteria)
  • (i) Subscription shall be payable alongwith the application on election and subsequently advance annually and shall be due in the month of April in each year.
    (ii) A member of thirty three years standing who has discharged all his dues to the Institute shall automatically become a life member.
  • A member can become a life member on paying a subscription of Rs. 10000/- in a single instalment.  A candidate eligible to become a member can also become Life Member on paying Rs 10000/- towards subscription and an admission fee of Rs 300/-.
  • The minimum subscription for becoming a Patron Member will be Rs. 2,50,000/- payable in one instalment (or six annual instalments of Rs. 45,000/- each).
  • The minimum subscription for Donor Members will be Rs. 1,25,000/- payable in one instalment (or six annual instalments of Rs. 22,500/- each).
  • Professional Members shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 12000/- and an admission fee of Rs. 400/-.

“Provided that only half the amount of Annual Fee shall be payable for the first year by a person admitted on or after the first October of that year in the case of Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Overseas Members.”

Provided further that a Member/Associate Member/Affiliate Member/ Overseas Member who is of the age of 55 years or above and is not in any gainful employment or in practice, shall pay half the annual subscription relating to his/her class of Membership.’’A member means Ordinary / Associate member.