Extension in deadlines for submission of NMD & IIM Awards Applications till 31st July 2019. Apart from IIM Honorary Membership & Fellowship 2019, receipt of nominations which have been closed on 15th June 2019. Candidates may initiate the requisite process at the earliest. An individual can apply for only one award best suited to his/her candidature.

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Individual Membership

Individual Membership

IIM - Individual Membership

Category Eligibility Criteria
Member & Life Member An individual who is being educated or being trained for and intends to adopt the profession of a Metallurgist.

Age 25 years minimum Bachelor's degree in Metallurgy or equivalent discipline, OR AMIIM exams (Part I & II) conducted by IIM with 3 year experience,ORMasters' degree in Metallurgy or equivalent with 1 year experience, OR Bachelors/Masters degree in other engineering discipline/Ph.D in
Education Physics/Chemistry/Geology with 5 years experience ORDiploma in other Engineering Disciplines/B.Sc with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Geology with at lest 7 years experience ORDegree from a recognised University and proposed / recommended by at least 3 Past President of the IIM.
Age Open
A candidate for admission to the class of 'Fellow' shall be a person of eminence inthe profession who has significantly contributed in metallurgy and
Education material science including metals industry and academia of value / relevance in India with 15 (fifteen) years of professional experience, admitted by the Council of the Institute with reference to each individual case.
Nomination Fellows can be nominated by :
Honorary members, President, Vice Presidents, Fellows and Life Fellows of the Institute. To be proposed by one of the above and seconded by another.
Associate member &
Life Associate Member
[Application to existing Associate Member]
Age 20 years minimum Bachelor's degree in Metallurgy or equivalent discipline OR AMIIM exams (Part I & II) conducted by IIM ORBachelor's/Master's degree in other engineering discipline / Ph.D in
Education Physics/Chemistry/Geology with at least 2 years experience OR Diploma in Metallurgy with at lest 3 years experience ORDiploma in Engineering other than Metallurgy / B.Sc with Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/Geology with at least 4 years experience.
Affiliate member
Age Open
An individual who does not fit into any of the membership category but is engaged for a period of not less than 10 years in the promotion of science and art of making, shaping and treating of metals and alloys and whose association in view of the Council will be useful to the IIM, may be elected as Affiliate member.
IIM Individual Membership Fee
Type of Member Admission Fee (One time) One time subscription Installment Yearly Subscription PostageTotal Amount 
Fellow(New) NA RS. 10,000.00 NA NA NARS. 10,000.00
Life Member RS. 300.00 RS. 10000.00 NA NA RS. 50.00RS. 10350.00
Ordinary Member(Direct) RS. 300.00 NA NA RS. 1000.00 RS. 50.00RS. 1350.00
Ordinary Member(Retired) Rs. 300.00 NA NA RS. 500.00 RS. 50.00RS. 850.00
Associate Member(Direct) Rs. 250.00 NA NA RS. 800.00 RS. 50.00RS. 1100.00
Associate Member(Retired) Rs. 250.00 NA NA RS. 400.00 RS. 50.00RS. 700.00
For appearing AMIIM Examinations: Extra Rs.550.00 for (The syllabus, Examination Application Form and Registration Fees)