Technical Consultation Forum


A New Web-based Initiative of the IIM for providing Technical Facilitation Service to the Metallurgical Community in India.

1. Introduction:

The Indian Institute of Metals (I.I.M.), a national professional body approved by the Ministry of Steel and Mines, founded in 1946, represents the entire metallurgical fraternity of the country including industry, academia, research and development laboratories and scientific bodies both in government, private and public sector and provides various professional services to the community including organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, holding examinations leading to professional degrees, etc.

The IIM membership comprises budding and practicing metallurgists, experts in the metallurgical profession, peers in the industry and academia, policy/decisions makers in the Government, private and public sectors and renowned scientists. Many of members carry wealth of experiences in specialized areas that can translate into priceless advice and guidance to solve industrial and technical problems. In this regard, the presents Council of the IIM in its 262nd meeting in the V. S. P. (RINL), Visakhapatanam, chaired by the President Dr. Baldev Raj, Director and Distinguished scientist, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, on Feb. 2, 2006 decided to launch a Technical Consultation Forum that should provide a platform for industry and experts to interact for mutual benefit and overall growth of the metallurgical sector of the country. This service will mark a new commitment of the Institute in its Diamond Jubilee Year to re-dedicate itself to the service of the nation.

2. Objectives:

The proposed Forum will help the customer industry, individual or organization, facing a technical problem or needing specialized advice or consultation, establish contact with the relevant expert(s) to facilitate his/her/their intended initiative, but will not offer any readymade solution or advice. The overall objectives are:
The Forum will facilitate establishing contacts between the industry, entrepreneur, manufacturer, scientist, scholar or vendor on one hand, and experts, consultants, companies members willing to associate him/herself in the concerned matter/problem and offer his/her service voluntarily or through consultancy project.
The Forum will facilitate the experts (practicing and retired metallurgist, technocrat, specialist, consultant) to reach out desirous-clients in the industry.
The primary mandate of the Forum will be to promote industry-academia-research interaction.
However, the IIM/Forum will not take any responsibility to either the advices or consultancy offered by the experts.

3. Objectives:

The areas in which advices and consultancy will be offered include (but not limited to):

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous extraction metallurgy.
  • Shaping and deformation of metals (rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing).
  • Corrosion, oxidation and their protection.
  • Surface engineering to resistance to wear erosion, corrosion and oxidation.
  • Electroplating and polishing.
  • Machining and post machining treatments.
  • Heat treatments for metals and alloys.
  • Melting, casting and solidification processing including the foundry practice.
  • Welding, brazing and joining.
  • Non-destructive testing, inspection and life prediction.
  • Microstructural characterization (by optical, electron, atomic force and other advanced tools/methods).
  • Compositional analysis (including wet-chemical, spectroscopic, micro analysis)
  • Testing of mechanical, chemicaland electrochemical properties.
  • Failure and fracture analysis.
  • Alloys designs and developments.
  • Purchase and installation of metallurgical furnaces, equipments and their installations, repairs and maintenance.


  • 1. (a) Name
       b) IIM Membership No.
  • 2. Designation and Affiliation. 
  • 3. Area of specialization/expertise:
  • 4. Address (with telephone/Fax/E-mail) (a) Office (b) Residence
  • 5. Brief Educational Background
       (Bachelor degree onwards)
  • 6. Professional/Employment/Research Record
Organization Designation/Post Period (From-To) Remarks
  • 7. Notable Research/Professional Contributions and Achievements (within 200 words)
  • 8. Awards/Distinction
  • 9. Summary of Professional/Research/Academic Output (within 500 words)
  • 10. Summary of Current Assignment/Job (within 50 words)
  • 11. Terms for offering consultancy (payment/IPR):
  • 12. Additional Information (if any)

Declaration: The above statements are true and factually correct

      Date: (Signature of the Expert)

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  • 1. (a) Name
        (b) IIM Membership No. (if any)
  • 2. Designation and Affiliation
  • 3. Subject area of the problem:
  • 4. Address (with telephone/Fax/E-mail)
        (a) Office (b) Residence
  • 5. Location/site of the job/problem:
  • 6. Title and abstract of the problem (within 100 words)
  • 7. Nature of consultation required (visit/telephonic/letters/testing/analysis) - please specify within 200 words:
  • 8. Duration, importance and urgency of the problem (technical/commercial):
  • 9. Terms for seeking consultancy (payment/IPR/confidentiality terms):
  • 10. Additional Information (if any)

Declaration: The above statements are true and factually correct and have the approval of the competent authority.

       Date: (Signature of the Client)

Download This Form as: MS Word Adobe PDF