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Results of December 2013 AMIIM Examination   ||   Revised Office Hours at IIM Head Office, Kolkata: IIM HO will function from 9.30am to 5.30 pm on weekdays (Mon-Fri) & office shall remain closed on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) .Half an hour lunch break will be observed from 1pm to 1.30pm.The revised working hours at HO will be effective from Wednesday, 2nd April 2014.   ||   Notice: The President of IIM invites nominations for 2014 Dr. Daya Swarup Memorial Lecture
Prof K Chattopadhyay, President of The Indian Institute of Metals

Greetings to all my fellow IIM members, professionals and friends of IIM. As I write this message, my mind goes back to another era when I entered the portal of IIM. In those days all the undergraduate and graduate students of BHU will be coaxed to become member of IIM by no other person than Prof. Anantharaman. Most of us presented our first paper at the annual meetings of IIM. Well, it was the heyday of metallurgy in India with new production facilities taking shape and new departments evolving. Time, however, never stands still and we evolve. So do the organisation. IIM is not what it was in those days. It has different challenges now. This is also true for our profession. We have evolved in every sphere. A nation with meagre production and only a vision for distant future has matured into one of the largest player in the global scene and a hundred million ton production of steel seems to be not very satisfactory. We are also hostage to global economic imperatives. A stagnant scenario of educational institutions dealing with our profession is suddenly discovering new energy. Newer institutions both in private and government sectors including newer IITs are embracing the profession. The profession itself has changed both globally and locally. It nurtured newer disciplines and now embraced them into our fold. The name silicon foundry is no coincidence. It is a technology nurtured and developed by the old metallurgists, transforming the technological world. The addition of "Materials", once unthinkable, is there in our logo just like other sister organisations across the world...........


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