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Profile of Prof. Indranil Manna
(President of The Indian Institute of Metals 2016-17)

  • Professor Indranil Manna, currently the Director of IIT Kanpur, is an educationist and materials engineer with wide ranging research interests covering structure-property correlation and modeling in structural and functional materials including nanometric metals, laser/plasma assisted surface engineering, nano-fluid and bainitic steel. His work on amorphous Al-alloys, laser surface engineering of steel/ADI/Mg/Al alloys and thermal conductivity of nanofluid are highly cited. Before moving to IIT Kanpur, he headed CSIR-CGCRI in Kolkata (2010-2012). Earlier, he taught subjects related to Physical Metallurgy at IIT Kharagpur for 25 years (1985-2010) and is now teaching courses on surface engineering and phase transformation at IIT Kanpur. While serving at IIT Kharagpur, he worked as a guest scientist in different renowned Institutio....

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